How can i get the databases in KNIME PLATFORM


How can i get the database which used in Knime Analytic Platform’s example workflows?
For exmaple for below one.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Linear_Regression_Solution.knwf (49.8 KB)

Check this previous post about a similar question:

In your case, I believe this is the workflow you’re using:

So you can follow the breadcrumbs up from there to find the Ames housing dataset.



I download the workflow and drag to my KNIME Platform but it doesnt disapear. I also tried from could icon. Is there any store these data sets somewhereelse?

I have linked the data directly below. I changed the extension from CSV to TXT so that the forum would allow the upload, but you can just change it back.

AmesHousing_simple.txt (92.0 KB)

I got the data by following the breadcrumbs on the KNIME Hub as I described above, so I would recommend you try that process again.


Thank you indeed:)… … …

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