How can I load/reference the openbabel version included with Knime?

I'm creating my own node which uses code from openbabel. My question is how can I load the openbabel version included in knime in the openbabel node?

In your plugin.xml go do Depdencies --> Add --> search open and you should get the following plugin show up:

org.knime.ext.chem.openbabl (verison). 

I would guess this is what you need.



That doesn't work (tried already) because it only loads the babel exe and has no reference to openbabel.jar. I want to

  • load the openababel_java library
  • have a reference to openbabel.jar

and the files should be the ones in


(in case of windows this is org.knime.ext.chem.openbabel.bin.win32.x86)