How can I migrate my worflows to an other PC

I am going to change my computer and I would like to keep my workflows. Can you tell me what to do?
thank you so much

The simplest way, install KNIME on the new PC, copy old workspace file to the new PC and open KNIME with the old workspace file.


Alternative to what izaych said, you could copy your workflows to your private knime cloud folder (My-KNIME-Hub). When you install knime onto your new machine; you can then just copy from the private folder onto your local workspace.
Although, I believe there is a limit on the size of your individual workflow (15 MB - I think); you could just reset the workflow if that’s an option to resize your workflow.


It might be 50 MB per workflow and not 15 MB. I think you would be able to upload up to 1GB of workflows. --> would have more details.


Thank a lot for your solutions

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