How can I open a Java JAR file for a node on KNIME?

I have a JAR file which has the Java code for a node which I have written for KNIME. Now, I want to test this node but I can’t find a way to open this file on KNIME. Any help on how to view this node on KNIME would be greatly appreciated!

Also, if there is a better way to view/test the Java nodes, that would also really help. Thanks in advance!

Hi again,

I guess you want to use your node in a release version of KNIME AP, not from inside Eclipse like last time? Then you need to put your extension (that contains the node) onto an “update site”.

This sounds like it’s a lot, but it just boils down to a special file hierarchy (that is automatically generated for you), which can even be distributed as a “zipped update site”.

We have a guide for such a local update site here: Create a New Java based KNIME Extension

In case you have any questions or this was not what you were trying to do, please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: