How can I put some information into the console log and into windows command?

Hi guys,

I need to insert into the console windows some information as “path from workflow”, or “Hello world”, but I coundn’t find information about how to do it… Can you help me?

It will help me to avoid send emails notifications or using others programs to notice me. I saw slack component, and emails for it.

Some idea to make it works? I tried using external program component, but i need to pass data too, a csv file or a table, and it’s not the intention.

Could I make me clear about this need?


Denis Iongbloed

Hi @denisfi ,

Do you mean the the KNIME console log window, or are you referring to the windows console / command prompt ?

If you mean KNIME console…

The Java Snippet, and Java Edit Variable can write to the console window.
Here is an example using Java Edit Variable which will write messages using different severity levels:

	logError("A major disaster has occurred");
	logWarn("You have been warned!");
	logInfo("This is some info");
	logDebug("Good luck finding this among all the other debug messages!");

I just wrapped that into a component, but I see that @AlexanderFillbrunn beat me to it, also using java edit variable but with a variation in commands used.

So I had to do something different… :wink: and haved added the option to include date&time. Take your pick!