How can I resolve the java Snippet Error. / Selenium Wf

Hi; What should I do to fix the error seen in the picture?
I’m having this issue in the sample workflow. Attached
Selenium_Popup_Window.knwf (50.4 KB)

Hi @umutcankurt

Am I right that the workflow you attached is a different one? I would recommend uploading the one that is subject to the error so that people like Philip from Selenium can provide more effective assistance.

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Hi @ArjenEX ; The same problem occurs in the sample workflow I sent. You can test

@umutcankurt The workflow works fine for me (KNIME v4.6.4), I do not see this error.

I might have a suspicion though. Can you please provide more details about your environment, esp. KNIME version?


Hi @qqilihq KNIME 4.6.3

I tried again the sample workflow shows the same error.I tried again the sample workflow shows the same error. I will let you know by updating.

@qqilihq I have updated and tested but the error persists.
I don’t know why the error might be caused.

Mh, that kind of strange! Can you share what extensions you have installed?

Could you please try if the “clean” parameter helps (see e.g. here)



It showed a few errors while updating and I decided to completely uninstall and reinstall Knime. I will write the result, maybe the problem will be fixed.

Problem solved. I uninstalled Knime and reinstalled it. I think there was an error due to a problem with some system files. Thank you for your help


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@umutcankurt Great you fixed it, thanks for confirming! :+1:

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