How can I slow down a Web request?

I get web pages from a site but.unfortunatly, the web server doesn’t accept fast request (one request by second).

Is it possible to slow down the page fetch request?

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Hi @PBJ , I am guessing that you are talking about sending multiple requests, and you are sending them too fast one after the other.

In this case, you can use the Wait node between each request:


Thanks for the “Wait” node idea.
With the “Wait node”, you need to run a loop using each row table with the URL.

A “temporisation” or “Wait” configuration field should be interesting to introduce into the Request Node configuration waiting between each URL request.

Hi @PBJ , that is correct, the Wait node is to be used with a loop in this case.

I’m not sure which Request node you are using, but both the GET and POST Request nodes have the “wait” configuration that you are mentioning, in the form of Delay and Concurrency:

In your case, you want to set the Delay to 1000 ms, which is 1 second, and Concurrency to 1, which means it will send 1 request at every 1 second.


Thanks a lot.
It’s exactly what I need and It runs perfectly.



Hi @PBJ , great, I’m glad that it works.

Can you please mark is as the Solution so that other users know that it’s a resolved thread and see the accepted solution right away in the thread?

Thank you


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