how can I split a text file in column by a character calculation number


i have text file with many column like this (example of one line):

01000000099921 3629 XXXXX EEEEEEEEEE 5753413146 FA71241 1970010102664045416 1248040000000018000002020031124101 5634c5345f4bf19c3920e0cc3390437fee88af2fe9d05267e5ab65bb772c83f5

i want to split the content on column by calculate the number of character desired:

for example : first column:3 character -> col1=010
second column 4 character -> col2 =0000


Hi @ Wilson,

Did you check the Cell Splitter by Position node?
gr Hans

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yes but I want to apply this rules for all de file.

Hi @willson,

for static split you can also use substring function e.g. in a java snippet

BR Hermann


Hi there @willson,

if you want to do this for multiple files you need loop. See exmaple:


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