How can I trigger a Knime workflow using php code?

I have created a predictive knime model which i want to trigger after submitting a html form .How can i trigger the workflow with the submit button in html.

Hello @Prachi123,

this sounds like a job for KNIME Server which comes with REST API feature.



Hi @Prachi123 , welcome to the forum. As @ipazin mentioned, with KNIME Server, not only can it do what @ipazin said, but it also allows you to build Knime front-end UI (it comes with a Web portal), so the form you are referring to can be built in the Knime workflow itself.

Alternatively, you can execute a Knime workflow via the command line, and you can have PHP execute that Knime workflow via the exec() function. It’s not the ideal way, and you will have to configure PHP to allow execution of command line, but it’s an alternative if you don’t have access to a KNIME Server.

EDIT: Of course, for PHP to call the Knime workflow via command line, they would both need to be on the same system.


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