How can I use a loop variable in a row filter?

I would like to use a loop variable (from an interval loop start) to control the limits in a row filter node.

My attempt to do so (in the attached workflow) doesn't work; I see warnings like "WARN      Config     Could not read DataCell: 0.9999999999999999", and the row filter doesn't do anything.

What am I doing wrong?


Hey Greg

This was a nice easy one to solve :-)

In some nodes, to add a variable correctly you MUST first enter any random number in to the field box you wish the variable to be entered into.

So, in your case, reset the workflow, goto configure the Row Filter node and in the Lower Bound box enter a number, any number.Now go to the flow variables tab, open up the lower bound section, and now the org.knime.doublecell section (which wasnt there previously), and choose the Flow Variable from the dropdown here. Remember to remove it from the datacell dropdown you incorrectly inserted it. Thats it. You can often spot if you are putting it in the correct place by whether the section is in the correct format (i.e. where you put it, it says string format, which doesnt make sense for a lower limit value which should be double).

Bottom line of making sure variable insertions go according to plan is always enter a dummy value into the desired box you want to be variable controlled before entering into the flow variable tab. This dummy value will always get overwritten with your variable.

Hope this helps,


that did it.

Thanks Simon!