How can I write to excel or csv after preprocessed datas

I ve dataset in excel. I want to some process ( puncuation erasure, case conver , number filter etc.) and i want to write to excel or csv file after processed.

I can do text- processing but I couldnt write to excel .

If Excel Writer is working for you?

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in normally I m using this node but in this process not working. its witing but columns are blank . I think we should something before writing but I couldnt find.

You might have to select the type of columns you would want to write to excel. There might be text analytics specific column types that could not be written to excel.

You might have to convert your results into standard string columns.

Maybe you can give us an example of the data you would want to write to Excel or CSV so we could have a look.

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Hi @gunay242 -

You can use the Document Data Extractor to convert the processed text back to a string before writing to Excel.


Document Data Extractor works, but truncates the entire text. Apparently there is some limit to the size of the text block.

Thanks so much ScottF. I ve solved my problem with your suggestion

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