how can Read list of xls;xlsx files and add them to my data Report node

Dear all,

I would like if it possible to read multiple xls files or xlsx files then read each URL file and sent to Data report Node.

For example:

I have List of xls files:




I want to get the first table of the first file and sent to data report then iterate automatically to the second xls file to generate new data in Data report Node.

Note:  I don't want to merge all the files in 1 data table.

I used the node List  file->Table Row TO variable Loop Start->excel Reader: Location variable read from URL -> LoopEnd Node but it gives the last as result the last table 

Please find attached screenshot of my workflow.

I'm looking for your suggestion.

Thank you.



Hi Mokrani,

this is not possible with a loop. You would need one Data to Report node for each File you read.

Best, Iris 

Hi Iris,

In this case, when i have two file as an example-> when I will run the Data report node it will combine all the inputs file rows in my report with different information from different files.

 i want a sperate report from different files XLS.



In that case, it sounds like you need a workflow which takes a single Excel file path as input and converts it to a report, and then call that using the Call Local Workflow node to run it multiple times, once for each workflow?


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