How can read my current file from Google spreadSheet

Dear all,
I would like to ask how can read my current file(xls format) from google sheet without any edit (Explore Edit).
I used the node Google Sheets Interactive Service Provider and Google Sheets Reader to connect and read my google sheet account.
My problem here when I press in the select bottom of the google sheets reader Node it will appear for me just the spreadsheet that I edit them and no appear for me the other sheets that I didn’t edit them.

For example:

from this google sheets the node Sheets Reader he will appear for me just the two first files because I already do some modification.

Im looking for your suggesttoin.
Best Regards

Hi @Mokrani

From the screenshot it looks like the problem is that the xls files are not stored as a native Google Sheet. The first two files are “real” Google Sheets, where as the other files are in xls format. I am taking this from the file icons. If you open the file in the browser, you are asked whether you want to view it as read-only or if you want to open it as a Google Sheet at which point it becomes a native Sheet, so that it’s interpretable by the API.

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yes exactly, that’s what I trying to do.
There is a possibility to convert my xls files automatically to Native Google Sheet without open the files.?

That depends on how you upload the xls to Google Drive.

When you are uploading the files using a web browser you can change your Drive’s upload settings, so that compatible files are automatically converted to Google document formats. (see

I think this would solve your problem.

Thank you for suggestion I tried but still the same result it doesn’t appear in google sheets Reader Node.

You would need to re-upload the xls files of course. For future uploads it should work out of the box after having adjusted the settings.

there is a possibility to save automatically any xls files from my google drive as native Google sheet?.
Because I receive every day a lot of XLS file to my google drive and it’s not practical to open all the files and save them again.
could you help me with that.



I tried your method … but I noticed that you need to open the xls file then-> go to edit as google sheet in every file
or you need to download and upload again to google drive then it will be considered as google sheet file
@oole Google sheets Reader node cant read a sheet file uploaded directly from email to google drive. he just read the file that you create or edits them with google sheet Platform…

Maybe you can try the setting in Google Drive

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Thanks @Hawk326040 for your suggestion! yes, this option works well when you upload a file to your google drive. but when you save an attachment xls file from an email account to Google you need to implement your own script in google script (convert xls file to native Google Sheet).
I fixed this Problem thanks!

So @Mokrani, I tried to find a solution but apparently it is not as straight forward and would require some coding.

I found this in the Google Forums, and you are not the only one wishing for this feature in Google Drive.

Thank you @oole I fix that with my own script in google Script.
So the Google Sheets reader Node works Well now


Very nice, I‘m happy to hear that you found a solution that is working for this problem!

Would you mind sharing what your solution was?

in this link you need to implement a script save email attachments to google drive(



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