How can the loop workflow selective reads some Excel files in one folder?

Hi everyone,

How can the loop workflow selective reads some Excel files in one foler?
The folder have a lot of files, but the loop workflow only reads execution dates are one week before and one week after the current week.


Thanks in advance.

Hi @Banksy,

to read only some files from a folder you need to create a table that includes only the file paths to the files you actually want to read.

In case you want to read only files created within a specific time range you can use the Files/Folders Meta Info node to get the creation date, followed by a Date&Time-based Row Filter node.

Let me know in case you need further help with this workflow.



Hi @Kathrin ,
I am sorry I didn’t make it clear.
I want use files name to filter I need, and have to Auto run KNIME without open it, so I can’t use Date&Time-based Row Filter node.
For example, now it is 26th weeks, I wan read 25th weeks of files and 27th weeks of files.

Hi @Banksy,

hm, if this should run without opening the workflow the filter criterion must be updated taking into account the execution time, correct?

In this case you might want to use the Date&Time Configuration Window to create a flow variable with the current execution date and extract the week of the year with the Extract Date&Time Fields node. Based on this information you can filter the list of files.

Happy to provide more information on how to implement this exactly in case this approach solves your problem.



Hi @Kathrin ,

I solved this problem flow your mind. Thank you so much for your help.

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