How can we check that the given date is after 01/05/2021 or not?

I have a column of dates I need to filter out the rows whose column date is after01/05/2021.

Hello @PankajChaudhary
It may be a node to do this task, wait and see other suggestions.

A walk around with 3 nodes: you can convert date to numeric and filter by the number itself.

your_date = yyyy * 10^4 + mm * 10^2 + dd * 10^0

01/05/2021 = 20210501

  1. Extract Date and Time node… you can get i.e. 3 columns YYYY, MM, DD
  2. Math Formula node… apply f(your_date) => new column ‘date_numeric’
  3. ‘Rule Based Row Filter’ (filtering) or ‘Rule Engine’ (category) …



Make sure that your date column is in a KNIME date format, then use the Date&Time-based Row Filter.


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