how change we change data type DataCell to string

I’m using a loop, so I’m not sure which column has “datacell” type; it could be 1 or 2, but it should automatically identify and convert to string.
i tried using collection into string and manual also,

my data is in list after ungrouping it datatype showing “Datacell”.

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 6.40.24 PM

Hello @Hammy good question.

I had this problem befor when collecting data from multiple sources using the GET Request node (e.g., getting back PNG or JPEG images). I solved the problem by Extract Table Spec and IF Switch. If you expect more than two types, you may also use CASE Switch.

In this example workflow I create rows inside the loop (as was the case in my GET Request use case), but you can simply pipe your ungrouped data to a Chunk Loop and loop over individual rows from there.
Loop_data_types.knwf (32.2 KB)

Have a nice day!