How do I create a date range picker in javascript generic view?

I need to choose start and end date dynamically how can make this? I want to keep the start and end date as a variable and use it later. I could only think of javascript generic view but i don’t know how to do it.

Hi @turkekulbekir , you can use the Date&Time Configuration node:

If you want interaction, just convert it to a Component after configuring it.

The configuration can be as follows for the start date:

  1. Add a label
  2. Define the variable name to hold the start date
  3. Choose type as Date

Do the same thing for the end date:

Convert both into 1 component. The component looks like this:

And when you double click on it, you get this popup:

You can click on the date pickers:

And we can check the variables and their values:

Here’s the component: Date picker in javascript generic view.knwf (11.9 KB)


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