How do I create a program that will be used by those who do not have knime on their computer.

Hello there,

I have created a report, but I want it to be used by those who do not have a knime program on their computer. I want to take data from them and use the data I get. how can I do? can you help me

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Hi @rabiagrdal and welcome to the Knime Community.

The only way that I know of would be to use a Knime server. Any workflow that runs on a Knime server can be run as a front-end, simply via a web browser.

The users would only see any interaction that the workflow has (filter on table, enter some data, etc). They won’t see the code, nor do they need to have Knime installed.


thank you @bruno29a

I understand, I can’t do this without using a server, thank you very much.

The only other way would probably be to install it on a virtual machine and let users access the VM

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Hello @rabiagrdal ,

Also, you could do it with Python.

After all Knime is a data mining software, you can easily create your process on Knime, then when you’re happy with it, you could create it with Python (all things in Knime can be done in Python) and make your Python program “Standalone” with PytoExe : auto-py-to-exe · PyPI.

But unless to subscribe to Knime Server, you don’t have a lot of possibilities.



Thank you @SamirAbida

I chose this place because it is easier to upload files. I think it’s time to go back to python.

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Hi @rabiagrdal , if you only want to have them look at the report, and not use “a program” that was created by Knime, you can always write the report to a file such pdf, csv, Excel, or even an image in case you have graphs involved, and export that file.

Your title mentioned “create a program that will be used by those who do not have knime”, so my answer was more about that.

But if you only want to have others look at the report, you can have Knime create/export the report in a shared folder accessible by the target users. They would not need Knime to view the report if it’s a pdf, csv, Excel, image.


hi @bruno29a

No, I was looking for your answer. I’ve created a report that anyone who doesn’t have a Knime program will use. they will add the data table and program will give them a new excel file according to the added data.

Hi @rabiagrdal , I see. What kind of data table will they be adding? Is it an Excel file?

And for what you will be implementing in Python (I am assuming that’s the direction you are going), how exactly is that going to work? I’m guessing you will have an input path where the data table is dropped, and the data is processed by Python, and report created to an Excel to an output path?

You can have the same set up with Knime if you use shared folders. They don’t have to have Knime. They can just drop their data in the input path (shared folder), Knime, whether being run from a Knime server, or from a workstation such as your Knime, just needs to have access to the shared folder and will be able to process the input data and generate the new Excel to an output shared folder.

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Another alternative could be to use Tableau Node, as you just need to create a workflow to compute your data and then send them in Tableau (or PowerBi, but it is more expensive I think 'cause you must have a Pro account with PowerBi to consume KPI online).



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