How do i decode this

i have a machine to fix and some parts have pdf417 barcode.
i need to replace with new parts but pdf 417 barcodes data not match.
how can i decode and edit this inside of the barcode encoded data


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Can you explain it a bit more? What’s pdf417 barcode? What’s your input/output? How your data is organized? Something that can help us figure out how KNIME can help you :wink:



Thanks for answer

My machine is elecsys hormone tester.Some parts have HHP ST3700 near contact decoder.Decoder is scaning pdf417 and reading the inside of the pdf417 data.I need to decode and edit this numbers on top of the topic.If i replace the damaged parts machine not accept the new parts data.Machine is 1990… models and part are very rare.They are using same parts since 1989 but datas are always change.I mean parts date,serial number etc. is not match to newest parts.I just need to edit those numbers to replace with new parts.

Here is answers your questions
-Pdf 417 is looks like qr code but its can storage 512kb file.

-I dont know the input but i tried these numbers to decode with ascii,base64,base928,md5,utf-8 etc. but i didnt get result.

-I tired to organize like 1 17 257 2533 24889 and decode but 1 to 24 combination not get result.

Sorry for my grammar fault,i am still trying to learn english.

Hi @Aka_Vulture , this is very specific field, so you will have to explain what is the logic to decode pdf417 barcodes.

Alternatively, it looks like there are Python libraries that can do the decoding:

You could use the Python Script – KNIME Hub node and implement a script that could use that library to decode the barcode.


Hello @Aka_Vulture,

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Have a look at ZXing Decoder Node over at Nodepit.
Click here



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