How do I delete or reset a report associated with a workflow?

I had earlier done some scripting that broke my report, and it was very hard to debug. Fortunately, I found it. 

However, it got me wondering, how do I completely delete a BIRT report associated with a workflow and start fresh with everything inside the report reset, just like when I first opened the report for that workflow?


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In the top level directory of the workflow, there are two files:




If you delete those then you should be back to a vanilla report when you open the report desinger again (you might need to close and re-open the workflow to see the changes)


Thanks, Steve!

Where can I found the files default_report.rptconfig and default_report_rptdesign? I do not see these files in the directorystructure:

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Use the computer’s file browser to view the workflow folder instead of KNIME. They are in the main workflow folder at the bottom.

Thanks, I found the two files.

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