How do i edit/build on an existing extension?

Hi Folks

So i have installed the sdk and am working my way to familiarise using the add new extension example (numberformatter).

As i do this, i have a lingering question in my mind.

My aim is to extend the current Tableau extension to include a Hyper file reading node and (if successful) submit this to Knime to inclusion.

Rather than develop this in isolation i though it might be more useful to edit the existing extension, however it is not clear to me whether the code for extensions is part of the Knime Code source code or is available else where.

Any pointers / advice as to how i might approach this appreciated.



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Hi @Gavin_Attard,

You can take a look at the source code for the Tableau nodes if you select add all plug-ins to Java Workspace scope in the Plug-ins view in your eclipse and then navigate to a class using the Open Type menu (Ctrl + Shift + T) e.g. TableaHyperWriterNodeFactory2.
However, the tableau extension is difficult to extend for two reasons:

  1. Tableau does not allow us to distribute their sdk, which means we can not publish the source code on github.
  2. The tableau extension consists out of several plug-ins and platform specific fragments, which facilitate the dynamic loading of the tableau binaries. So depending on your experience with eclipse plugins, this is not beginner-friendly at all.

This is not meant to discourage you, just to inform you about the specific oddities fo this extension.



Thanks for the pointers Gabriel, really appreciate it.

Haha, it’s never as easy as one thinks ey…

let’s see how far i get, if i see my hairline receding faster i may retreat :smiley:

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