How Do I Edit Metanode Templates?

I created metanodes and wrapped metanodes.  I can save those metanodes as a template which at that point makes my copy of the metanode readonly in the current work flow.  I reused that metanode in multiple workflows.

Now I want to edit the template to add additional logic.  I can see the template in the workflow group where I saved it.  I double click and nothing happens.  The right click contect menu has no option to open and edit it. 

I can see how to update the node from all the workflows I used it in but don't see how to open an editable version.


this is how it works:

  • copy the metanode on a workflow
  • disconnect the link
  • edit the metanode
  • save it again in the same position and with the same name

Best, Iris 

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