How do I even open one of my saved workflows?

It says I need to open a .knwf file, but that doesn’t exist. All I have is a .knime file that was created in the knime-workflows directory (where I didn’t even want it).

  • I opened Knime and made a new workflow that was added in the default folder, which I wasn’t able to change for some reason.
  • I saved a workflow and exited out of the program.
  • I copy and pasted the directory that was created to the location where I actually wanted it
  • I clicked on “workflow.knime” and was prompted with an import window for my workflow.
  • I went through all the subdirectories to find a file with .knwf : nothing (no it’s not the team workflow thing either)

I can see the node I placed in one of the subdirectories, but no files that can be loaded into knime to get my saved workspace/nodes back, so the saved infos must be in there. Why is it so counterintuitive to simply load in a save file?

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You can generate the .knwf knime workflow file using the export option under file tab in KNIME analytics platform.

However you don’t need to generate these files whenever you perform an edit. You can just go to the workspace ( folder ) you have created and select the workflow.
Those are the underlying .knime files you have been seeing.

My problem is that I cannot even open/load in a saved workflow. How do I do that?

Unless otherwise specified, a KNIME workflow is saved on the hard drive as a folder containing a subfolder for each specific node in the workflow.

To load a workflow in KNIME, there’s no need to click on a .knime file. All you have to do is navigate to the containing folder in the KNIME Explorer and KNIME will recognize the workflow.

If you moved the workflow folder to a subfolder inside the knime workspace, it should show up automatically.

If you moved the workflow folder to a location outside of the knime workspace, then you need to tell KNIME where that is.

Can you show us a screenshot of the workflow in the KNIME explorer and the workflow in your OS file browser?

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