How do I handle truncate string in KNIME ?

Im using the Twitter API Connector to extract tweets from Twitter. As a result the tweets had been extract was truncated and I wont able to put it in my SQL Database. Is there any solution for handling truncate string value ? thanks

*The blue circle in the image shows the truncated tweets

are only rows with blue circle are truncated tweets? It looks more like all tweets ends with “…” are truncated.

If all truncated tweets ends with “…” then you could apply for e.g. the Java Snippet Row Filter with “return $Tweet$.lastIndexOf(”…") == -1;" as filter criteria.

If this is not the case how would you identify tuncated tweets?


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Hi @gua_gunners -

Sorry for the trouble. This is a bug that we’ve fixed in our nightly build, and should make it into the 3.8 release this summer. A bit more detail here: Twitter timeline limited to 140 characters?


Hi @morpheus yes you are right, the tweet that ends with “…” is all truncated not only in he blue circle and If i could, I do not intend to filter out those truncated tweets.

The way I identify the truncated tweets is based on the image below. Read the KNIME Console

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Hi @ScottF

Oh okay, thanks scott for the detail explaination. Guess that I’ll be waiting for the new updates from you guys. Cheers !


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