How do I know what package a node is part of to get the source code of the node?

This is related to this post about how to view the source code of different KNIME extensions. I’d like to know how to figure out what package a node is in for myself. For example, how do I figure out the package that the CSV writer node is in:

Hi @azsb1g19 , not sure what you mean by “package”. If you mean extension, you can look for the node from the hub, it has all the description of the node there, including what extension it is from.

For the CSV Writer node for example, you can check it out here:

And you can see that it says that the CSV Writer node is part of the Knime base nodes. You can even click on the Knime base nodes that will show you all the nodes that belong to that extension.

For the GET Request for example, it’s part of the Knime REST Client Extension:

EDIT: If you meant which plugin, I think you can do this in 2 ways:
Load all the plugins in Eclipse, and search for the node
Using the above method to find the extension name, and then browse the plugins in the plugins folder of Knime and kinda guess which one it is based on the extension name.

Using the 2nd method and looking at the plugin folder, I can guess that the CSV Writer would be in the org.knime.base plugin, and the GET Request would be in the plugin

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Hi @azsb1g19,

This information is shown in the NodeMonitor, you need to select the “Show Entire Configuration” option in the “Kebab” menu (three vertial dots). Select a node and then you get the information about it’s NodeFactory class:



Hi @azsb1g19,

NodePit gives you the possibility to search, find and inspect the source code for most nodes.

It’s very simple without any nasty download or inspection of java archives:

Just search for your favorite node, e.g. the CSV Writer — NodePit, watch out for the “Developers” section on each node page and hit the “Find Source” button. NodePit then identifies the source code and provides you a link to Github.

By the way, the famous KNIME Knight in Limelight a.k.a @kowisoft gave a really nice introduction to this feature. Definitely worth a look:

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I was going to suggest looking in the settings.xml file - but that’s a much easier way from within the GUI!


Nice one @gab1one , I learned something new :smiley:

I added this functionality myself to the node monitor a few years ago, because I was struggling to find the implementations of nodes that had functionality I wanted to steal get inspired by.



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