How do I pick random numbers from a defined distribution

I have 1000 row of numbers from 1 - 50.
I have been able to run statistics on it.

How can I pick 10 numbers from this defined distribution.
or a list of 10 number groups.


Hi @johndoe,
I’m not totally sure If understand right, but you just warnt to pick 10 random rows? You can just pick the 10 First rows, when the Numbers are alreay random or you could use the Partition node with draw random.

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Hi @johndoe
‘Partitioning’ is your node.


Hi @johndoe

you can also use the

or you can directly generate random numbers with the Data Generation package


I will try to explain myself.

I have numbers from 1 - 50 and for the sake of simplicity its a normal distribution.
with a median of 25.

I want to draw a sample of 10 numbers from this distribution that represents the distribution of the population. so there is a higher probability of the number 50 being drawn.

@Iris With Row Sampling, I think the it considers all the numbers as 1 row and is returning a entire row.

Hi @johndoe ,
Just aiming to clarify concepts. You assume that your 1000 values data is a population and you want to get a random sampling (10 samples).

20220125_random_normal_distribution_01.knwf (106.1 KB)

The randomly sampled data can have any distribution (!).

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Hi @johndoe

I may have misundertood your sentence but it seems to me that the highest probability of a set of numbers randomly generated from a Gaussian distribution only depends on its Gaussian distribution “mean” (and its median too if enough number of samples are drawn, as stated by the Central Limit Theorem). In your case, I doubt the mean to be 50, not even 25 if the random number generator was set with a different mean value, even if the extreme values of your set of numbers may be bound between 1 - 50 after drawing samples.

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