How do i report the data quality issues in some file format like csv ,xlsx or pdf etc...

I need a report showing no.of missing values, duplicate rows,no. of data type mismatch columns,date time problems etc…How do we create in knime

Hi there,

The KNIME Report Designer extension integrates BIRT (Basic Intelligence Reporting Tool) into KNIME Analytics Platform and allows you to create reports based on the results of your workflows. Check here for more info:

For each requirement a different logic is needed. For example no. of missing values you can get with Missing value count aggregation method within Column Aggregator node.


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Hi ipazin,
Thanks for reply…
how can i integrate ataccama DQ tool in knime for data profiling? Is there any process…

Hi there @Prasanthsk ,

sry for a later response. How would you use KNIME and Ataccama together?

As to my knowledge there is no process (possibility) to integrate Ataccama tool into KNIME.


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