How do I save a trained model in spark jobs?



I am currently trying to use Knime for Spark Jobs.

I have a set of data which no longer require transformation, but I normalized the data inside knime and trained it using Spark Linear SVM model.

The question is, how can I save the Linear SVM Model? So, the other worflow I create can just refer to the trained model and hence, I can skip the train and move onto the scoring.

I have attached a picture, is it the right way to save the model?



Best regards,

Hi Mizu,

Most data mining approaches in KNIME use a Learner-predictor motif. The Learner node trains the model with its input data. The Predictor node applies the model to a different subset of data.

You need to connect the nodes as showed in the attached picture.

Then, if you want to save the trained mode, your approach is correct.

Hope that I've understood what you are trying to solve.



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