How do you change the color of a selected node?

Using my LInux machine, I can’t see the color of the selected node. Using Windows, I see this;

How do I change the color of the selected node?

Thanks for your help

Hi @ogcyborg,
Are you saying that on Linux the node is not yellow? Can you post a screenshot of how it looks on Linux?
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Hi Alexander,

In Windows it is black and it does appear to be yellow in Ubuntu Linux but you can barely see the selection box. I’m attaching an Ubuntu Linux with a selected node, and you can barely see a line around the node. I really want to do all my work in Linux but being barely able to see a selected node is really difficult. My eyes are not so good so I can’t see see what node I have selected.

Thanks for your help.

A colleague of mine had the same problem. He says:

I have the same problem but also other color changes in the UI because of a linux color theme setting.
Changeing/removing the theme to the normal one before starting Knime (i.e. export GTK_THEME=Adwaita:light ) removes the color changes and the frame around the selected node is black again.

Can you try that?
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