How does Array function work in Column Expressions node?

I have expressions as below, it shows error also.

wild_arr = arrayCreate(“Brand”, “eigenvalue”)
arrayAdd(wild_arr ) = [“WILD”,“wd”]
arrayAdd(wild_arr ) = [“WILD”,“west”]
arrayAdd(wild_arr ) = [“WILD”,“wesn”]
//arrayToString(wild_arr )

Appreciate if anyone shares an example to demo how Array function works.

Hi @Hawk326040,

To add objects to the array you should use the arrayAdd or arrayAddAll function like this:

To add a single object:
wild_arr = arrayAdd(wild_arr, "wild")

To add several objects at once:
wild_arr= arrayAddAll(wild_arr, "wild", "wd", "west", "wesn")


P.S. What you see in the description is an example of the function on the left and the output on the right.


Hi Armingrudd,
Thanks for your guidance, yes, it works now.

I saw the example in the dialog of Column Expressions Node when clicking “+ function” and selecting
arrayAdd(array, obj) in the help area on the right side.

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