How does "Call local workflow" works?

All the demo workflows I’ve seen that used the “Call local workflow” node also uses “Container input/output” nodes for simulating the response from the call, so the results for invoking that call for multiple rows will always be the same result.

Does this mean “call local workflow” just simulate what a normal call would do? Or is there another way to actually invoke the call locally for every row instead of one row that I’ve written in the “Container input/output”?

The workflow I was talking about is this: Call Local Workflow Demo – KNIME Hub

The Container output settings

The table I get after running call

Found a solution to this. The problem was I had to specify the JSON column in the call settings. The only issue now is the loading bar percentage doesn’t show accurately when working with bigger data (5000 rows), but I guess it really isn’t a big problem


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