How I can Import multiple CSV files with different kinds of file schema

Hi All,

I need to import 20 CSV files and we have 4 different kinds of files means schema is different, (column headers are not same in files) please guide on how I can import the files.

Thanks in Advance


First of all: Welcome o the world of KNIME
Your question is simply to answer at first glance: Use the File Reader Node File Reader — NodePit
From my point of view it would be imprtat to understand what you want to achieve with data?
How do you want to process the data?
What output result do you expect?

Maybe you can share some details about the input data and it’s format, the desired data manipulation and the output data and it’s format.
That will help to give some more precise support.


@manumittal19 you could browse this collection of excel import samples and see if you can re use one. Or indeed you might provide us with an example that would represent your complete challenge


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