How memory is consumed when column rename node is used after lag column?

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I’m new to KNIME, I would like to know how the memory consumption is done in KNIME when using sorter → lag Node → rule engine → column Renamer → row filter → column filter

Here, the 4 nodes (sorter, lag Node, rule engine, column Renamer) and other 2 ( row filter, column filter) are having same number of rows as output respectively. Does it mean 4 nodes are consuming the 4 times of memory?

I do not know the exact implementation of those nodes, but generally KNIME tries to be smart about it and only makes copies of data when really necessary. E.g. I know for a fact that the Column Filter and Renamer only change metadata and do not make a copy of the data. The Lag Column node only appends a single column and I think there it also does not copy the input data but builds an augmented table with the extra column.
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