how select empty cell "?" with rule engine

I use a lot Rule Engine node in order to detect and classify all strings in my table.

But i’m not able to select cells with in example:
col1 > 1 col2 ? (empty cells)

If i write:
$38_IMM_Carburante$ = “B-E” AND $78_OMM_Emissioni biossido carbonio$ ? => “PHEV”
It not works. How can I do this?


You need to use the expression MISSING

So if you want to detect the cells which are missing in column_A and then output “TRUE” you would write MISSING column_A => TRUE.



See if this works for you.

Just a question more, If there a chance to do something like this:

If Prediction have a missing value (rules can’t detect it), check if others record have some in common (Col 1 and 2) and take that Prediction

In the attached file, you can see the first 8 raw are without prediction (because col 16 is empty), but U see, they have other in common (col 13); I’d like to take the prediction of raw detected e copy the result if there are others in common.

“If preditction have a empty cell, and others rows in a table have some col in common, take the prediction you already discover.”

Did you use DiaAzul’s solution or mine?

I use @DiaAzul solution because is more easy for my dataset

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