How send value of table to email

In new version 4.3 of KNIME AP there is no node " Table to HTML String" ?
So how can I send email someone with values od table ?

Hi there,

the node is still available also for newer KNIME versions. See here:



I cannot find in my node repository ! :dizzy_face:

It’s from a third-party plugin which you’ll need to install. See the section “Installation” on the linked page:

To make this process easier, I recommend to have a look at the NodePit plugin for KNIME. Once installed, searching, finding, and adding new plugins can be done directly within KNIME with a single click. See here.

– Philipp

You can also use the following component. My colleague Roland make it to not have to install additional extensions.

Just drag and drop it from the hub into your workspace like described here: About KNIME Hub – KNIME Hub

Thanks for all :grinning:

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