how to add a variable Output to a


I created a component with a configuration node which imports Excel sheets. The export output of the excel sheets out of the component is not a problem. But I also want to export the file path as a flow variable. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance!

Greetings, David

Hi @DvdFrcK, hi David,

Open the component, right-click on the Component Output node and choose configuration. This will give you the following screen

Just move your variable from left to right and it becomes available outside the component.


Hi JanDuo,

thanks! But there isn’t a red flow variable dot. How do I use this variable now? Is it like a global variable?

Yes, if hou look at the output of the component it does show op on the flow variabele tab.
Shen hou neef IT in a separate red bullet, hou first right click on the component and choose setup. Add a flow variable on the output side. Then open the component link your variable to the red dot. That’s it.



For reference here is a link to KNIME Components Guide:


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