how to add conditions in columns to continue counting based on the data of the last row

I’m seeking assistance with automating my forecasting process. I’m endeavoring to predict future trends for various countries using a linear regression learner. Each country’s dataset comprises information spanning different time periods. With historical data from these periods, I aim to train the model to forecast the upcoming 6 months. The data includes separate values for each month and year, alongside a sequential series indicator.

To expedite this process, I’ve integrated a loop variable node for geographic regions (GEO). This loop iterates through each country, retrieving all information. The goal is to construct a comprehensive table for the regression predictor node. This table ensures that the model considers the latest available data, accurately accounting for the corresponding year, month, and continuation of the series.

I’m seeking guidance on optimizing this automated model setup to ensure efficiency and accuracy in forecasting.

This is my data:

This is this is what i need.

PD: The example isn’t quite right because I’m not sure how to add the condition by month yet

Hi @Daniela_Arango,

based on your title it is difficult to comprehend what you aim for factoring in the detailed description as I cannot see a connection between both at first glance.

Just by the title, you might:

  1. Extract the column dimensions
  2. Convert Row count to a variable
  3. Use a row filter to only include rows by number defining the Range Start via the variable and checking the box until the end of the table

That way you make the data of the last row available to check any condition you like.