How to add more room to the canvas?

Hey all,

I’m new to KNIME. This is a minor, but annoying, issue:

I would like to add more space to the workflow canvas to the sides and bottom of the canvas. Currently, the canvas area “snaps” to the furthermost node added. I would like to have the freedom to maneuver around the canvas a little more. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thank you.

As a simple workaround, I add two dummy nodes to the far edges to provide more space, but I was wondering if there is a setting that allows you to expand the canvas space:

Hey Haystack,
you are right, there is no easy option yet to increase the canvas space. What you can also do is create an annotation and move it to the edge to increase the space. Some of our data scientists also make them 1px in size and white so they are invisible.

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Thank you, Johannes!

I thought I was missing something. Your suggestion really helps.

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