how to add my own jar to the when i export the deployable plug-ins and fragments

hello,i have met a problem!

 i am developing a extend node named Test  on the knime sdk ,the problem occurs when i rewrite the java class TestNodeModel. if i import the class (com.codsway.variable.OUT_TYPE) what my own jar contains,when i  export the node to the deployable plug-ins and fragments (the png attachment shows) ,the error is that: 

ERROR in c:\knime_work\Test\src\com\ (at line 30)
    import com.codsway.variable.OUT_TYPE;

 i donnot know how to add my own jar when export the node,can you help me? thanks

You Jar must be listed in the plug-ins manifest under Runtime->Classpath (at the bottom right) and it must be included in Build->Binary build.