How to add Normalizer model port to a metanode?

I have a sequence of nodes in which I've used a normalizer node and collapsed them into a metanode.

Now I cannot add a normalizer model output port for the metanode. I have to expand the metanode make the connection and again collapse the nodes. After doing this, the metanode has a normalizer model output port but I cannot add the port by myself.

Is there any easier solution for this?



Hi, I think you can use the Normalizer (PMML) node, which can be connected with a PMML output port and of course with the data port.

Please find the attached workflow

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That's a solution but I think it should be possible to add the normalizer model port to a metanode.

Thanks anyway.

Expand the metanode and then collapse it with the Normalizer included. That should work.

I've mentioned this solution when I asked for a better solution.

Thanks anyway.