How to add Values to the line plot

Hi! Are there any ways to place values to a line plot? I mean, I want to do like this:


JS line plot allows to draw only lines without values.


Hi there @Evgeniy,

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If I may ask are you doing this for reporting and your plot should have values when exported/in a report or for analysis? If for analysis you can use Line Plot from Plotly Integration which is available in new KNIME version (4.0.0.) cause hoovering over points in Interactive view will show you corresponding values.

Additionally this feature should be added soon to Line Plot (Plotly) node.



@ipazin , thanks a lot. I do it for a report, not for analysis. I tried Plotly line plot but actually it is really shows it after hovering only.
I think I’ve found the way: I’ve made a report in BIRT using my data and there was an option to show value labels.


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