How to aggregate on different time buckets

Hi all,

I would like to calculate the total amount of sales for each of my customers in “time buckets" which is depending on their last purchase date.

For example for customer X I am trying to calculate the total amount purchased in the period -1 |-14 days before his last purchase, the same for the period -15|-28 and so on.

I have two tables containing:

1) The last purchase date for each customer

2) All the purchases of my customer on daily basis. Therefore, I have customer-day-purchase amount

Could you please suggest me the best way to proceed?

Are there some special nodes that can help me?

I tried to use the group by node but it seems a long way (first attributing each purchase at the bucket of the customer and then use the group by node to aggregate on it)

Thanks a lot for your help

Hello gioce,

Does the Moving Aggregation node help?