How to allocate case id

Hi all,

There is a set of transaction data in which 6 events are cyclically repeated in a machine.
What I want to do is to allocate CASE ID automatically to a cycle of 6 events to distinguish each cycle and to conduct process mining.

The problem is that a cycle starts from EVENT1 and ends at EVENT6 in order every time, but sometimes EVENT1 starts before the previous cycle ends. Because of this it is not easy to distinguish each cycle by simple sorting.

Can anybody teach me how to tackle this task?

Jun Matsuo

Hi @matsuotyjp

Welcome to the KNIME Forum. Have you already looked at Rank node? If you stil have a problem please upload a sample file / workflow.
gr. Hans

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Thank you for your quick reply!

I tried to use the Rank node, but I cannot build a proper workflow yet.
Attached sample data where CASE ID are allocated manually.20190920_sampledatacsv.xlsx (11.7 KB)

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Hi there @matsuotyjp,

welcome to KNIME Community! Did you manage to solve your problem?

If not here is one idea. You have to mark first event in cycle (with unique identifier) and left other rows to be missing (?). Then use Missing Value node with Previous Value option. This way you will have same unique identifier for each event in cycle :wink:

Here is workflow example on KNIME Hub.

If any questions feel free to ask. Hope this helps!


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