How to Apply Data Set Changes on Workflow in KNIME Server

Does anyone who has familiarity with the KNIME Server know if there is a way to automatically synchronize a data set with the underlying workflow when it is passed to the reporting engine?

Currently, if I run the workflow in KNIME Desktop and then switch the the report view I am prompted to as to whether or not I'd like to apply changes.  Clicking apply updates the report and I can export to PDF or Excel for instance.

When running this same workflow on the KNIME Server I don't have a choice to update the data set and I get the workflow report as it was configured the last time I ran it on my Desktop version.

My data set is dynamic, and the columns to include and their order is known at run time by looking up from a config database.  I'm building the table in BIRT using the beforeFactory script.

Basically, what I need is something like this:

  - Columns_To_Keep = Project, Date, Name, Foo, Bar

  - Data_Table = Id, Customer, Project, Bar, Name, Foo, Order, Blah

In my script I create the column based on the Columns_To_Keep values.  Works great from the Desktop version when I can click the Apply data set changes dialog.  Anyone know if this is possible?



Just for future reference, there are a couple workarounds detailed at the link below.  I think Troy ended up using the Crosstab based approach.

Yes, the crosstab was just the ticket.  Thanks for the help Aaron!

One extra trick for anyone needing help is how to sort the columns in a crosstab based on another field.  The classic example would be a crosstab where the columns are pivoted by month names.  By default, the crosstab will sort these alphabetically, resulting in a table that isn't logical to a user.  

To remedy this:

  1. Include the month number in your data cube.  
  2. Add this to your column pivot just before the month name.
  3. In the crosstab properties, navigate to the sorting tab
    1. Add the month number field
  4. Optionally, delete the month number label and set the row height to zero