How to become a Data Scientist?

How to become a data scientist?

At KNIME we offer many resources that help you get started - not only with KNIME Analytics Platform itself but also with other topics revolving around data science, data analytics, life sciences, and more. Let me tell you how to make use of our available resources to learn data science:

:woman_teacher: KNIME Courses - Self-Paced & Instructor-Led:
We have a full learning path to become a data scientist, but other learning paths exist. We offer self-paced courses, which are online, free & allow learning at your own pace without an instructor. In addition, we also offer instructor-led online courses. For more information see here: KNIME Courses | KNIME

:books: KNIME Press:
Under KNIME Press Overview | KNIME you will find all books published under KNIME Press. Most of the books are available for free and we currently have 4 different series: Use Case Collections, Technical Collections, Transition Booklets & Text Books. To become a data scientist, I specifically recommend the “Practicing Data Science” book, as well as the books of our Use Case Collections & Technical Collections series.

If you prefer videos over reading: check out our YouTube channel. Here we share all kinds of e-learning videos, webinar recordings, and more. If you want data science knowledge on the go, make sure to watch the “Data Science Pronto!” videos! Visit YouTube for more information: KNIMETV - YouTube


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