How to build a JavaScript node?

Hi all,
I want draw some custom graphs by using custom json data.
For convenience, I have to consider creating a new node like “Line Plot (JavaScript)”.
But I can’t find an article or tutorial on how to create a JavaScript node.
At present, I have implemented the drawing function by modifying the source code, but this operation is not correct. So I thought about creating a new node to implement this idea.
Can anyone provide some help plz?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Will,
Unfortunately there is no documentation about how to write javascript view nodes, so it is required to dig into the source code of already existing KNIME javascript nodes.

As far as I know, KNIME offers 2 ways to build this kind of nodes: the ‘standard’ way and ‘dynamic’ way. I use the ‘standard’ one, although the ‘dynamic’ way should be faster.

Bear in mind that some work is required to develop JS view nodes: maybe you can find some hints in my old post here.


Hi Will,

there is a node called “Generic JavaScript View” for that purpose.
In there you have the possibility to code your custom view in pure JS or in combination with JQuery, JSFreeChart or D3. Have you looked into that already?


Hi Daniel,
I have already try “Generic JavaScript View” node, it works but I want make a custom node for some other people to using (they don’t know how to edit code) ,so I wondering if I can make a node it will comfortable for other people using.


Hi Fabrizio,
Thank you very much buddy!
I will read your post carefully!