how to change data type from double to string ?

if the double data type looks like this

, do i need to get of the decimal point or do i just use the number to string node?

Hi @JeremyW2,

My proposal is to use the Number to string node.

Furthermore you have the chance to modify the datatype in the Column rename node too.


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Hi @JeremyW2 and welcome to the Knime Community.

It might depend on where this column is coming from. Are these some generated results of a process, or is these imported values, and the import is detecting them as Double? If it’s an import, you can always instruct the reader what type the column should be.

If these are some results of a process, then there are a few ways to accomplish this, such as what @rolandnemeth suggested. Just to add that it can also be done via Column Expressions to, in case you are already using this node in your workflow.


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