How to change the name of a node?

Hello,I’ve been working on making some change to KNIME.I downloaded the knime-core and org.knime.product, and already run the application successfully.For now I have two question:1. I’d like to change the name of a node, can anybody tell me how to make it? 2.I modified some code in knime-core but nothing happened in my application, hope someone can help me out!

The name of the node (as seen in the workflow editor etc) is in the node’s xml file.


Thanks,I found it! I still get one question,if I want to modify some code in knime-core(such as the string below),what should I do?The running configuration is seen below.Thank you for your help!

You want to change the copyright notice e.g. add that you’ve modified it?

In terms of running knime from eclipse that config on quick glance looks OK.

If you have the source for the plugin you’ve changed in your workspace or asusme it would be used.

Thank you for your answering.But I still cannot modify it, for example,I’d like to modify this part"knime console",but it’s written in ConsoleViewAppender.class(which is read-only in org.knime.product/plug-in dependencies),what should I do?Must I do some reverse engineering?

Ah, as you were talking about modifying the core classes I assumed you had checked out the source code rather than depending on the binaries…

Some of the source can be found here:

You’ll have to build the product yourself and I don’t think there are any instructions for doing that though .

Edit: Oh actually I wasn’t paying attention, looks like you did check out the source for core already? What plugin is the class you’re after in, you’ll need to get this also

Edit2: Looks like you need

Thanks again! What should I do to build the product myself? Should I combine the core and workbench and set it as active platform, then run the knime application?

I think if you have a plugin in your workspace it takes precedence over the plugin binary available in the target platform.

So you may simply need to have them available in your workspace and then run like you would have before.

In terms of building the product distribution to give to someone to use I’m not sure how this is done for KNIME. Presumably there’s a product definition somewhere than can be used, I’d have a look through the git repo.

The product definitions are in