How to change the order of labels in a Pie Chart


I have a table with rows categorized into 4 categories. I assign colors using a ColorManager to each of those categories and show them as a Pie Chart (tried all three: JavaScript, JFreeChart and Classic). Now I would like to show a legend for my 4 categories in an order of my choosing. Unfortunately it seems that the order is determined randomly by the ColorManager.

My Question is: Is it possible to change this order?

EDIT: As I found out it seems the order is detemined by the table specification. So a solution should probably be based on changing the table spec.

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did you already try the sorter Node ?

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Hi there!

Seems to me that the order in Legend is determined by the first appearance of category. Upon which table spec is based on :wink:


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Jepp. I have ordered the table now and created the labels afterwards. This seems a little dirty to me, but it works for the moment.

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Hello @muthmann , how did you create the labels after sorting them?

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I see there is sorter, but pie chart still resorts the labels alphabetically despite sorter and row_id as a combination just prior to pie chart.

Iā€™m interested in how this workflow is supposed to work as well.