how to change the time format?

hi, I’m using the node DateTime difference, but when I check the output I don’t know in what format it is.

How can I change the format?



Hi @carlos89,

Set up the granularity accordingly in the node settings.
Have a look at the attached picture.

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hi @rolandnemeth

I did the configuration that you indicate, but the output has another format


I need the difference date and time the format to be hh: mm: ss

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Hi @carlos89,

have a look at the attached workflow!

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Duration to time format.knar.knwf (58.8 KB)

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@rolandnemeth this is an interesting approach but you have to be aware that you do not have a duration, but a (local) time variable. That might have implications further down the line; and you will not be able to do calculations and the solution would only work for durations up to 24h.

What one could do would be to change the format into something like this:

Or indeed extract the duration fields and then put them together as a string. They could be later split into parts and be converted to a duration field again.



It threats bigger durations as 24H, see the next picture:

Based on my best knowledge this is the only one way, how you can create this format: hh:mm:ss, but as you said this is not applicable for calculations.

In order to calculate with this value, you have to keep the Hours, Minutes, and Seconds columns after the Extract Duration Fields node, or convert back the desired format (hh:mm:ss) at a further point/node in the workflow.

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